Traffic Medicine Research Webinar 2021

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Watch online: The latest research on Health, Mobility and Road Safety

Webinar on Thursday 6 May 2021 | 14:00 - 16:45

The National Office for Traffic Medicine is delighted to host this free webinar for all those with an interest in research related to traffic medicine, mobility and road safety.

The webinar is open to all those with a stake or an interest in Health, Mobility and Road Safety, including Medical Professionals, Students, Trainees, Researchers, Psychologists, Engineers, Emergency Services.

The speakers for the 2021 Traffic Medicine Research Webinar are listed below. A full Agenda for the event can be found here.

Speakers and Topics

  • Dr Tadhg Stapleton - Associate Professor of Occupational Therapy and Head of Discipline at the School of Occupational Therapy (TCD).
    Potential of the Life Space Assessment (LSA) to examine levels of out of home activity among Community Dwelling Older Adults in Ireland

  • Dr Ann Dickerson - Professor of Occupational Therapy, East Carolina University.
    An international study of community mobility patterns of older adults

  • Niamh O'Reilly - Lecturer in Geomatics, School of Surveying and Construction Management, TU Dublin.
    Analysis of cyclist crashes in Dublin City using Dublin Fire Brigade Response Data

  • Kevin Gildea - PhD researcher Department of Mechanical, Manufacturing and Biomedical Engineering, TCD.
    Characteristics of cyclist collisions in Ireland: Analysis of a self-reported study

  • Dr Marie Boland - National Rehabilitation Hospital, St Vincent's University Hospital.
    Documentation of medical fitness to drive discussions in patients with newly acquired traumatic brain injury

  • Jane Fagan - 5th Year Medical Student, UCD. Joint first place NOTM Mary Ward Essay Prize.
    Epilepsy and Traffic Medicine: Are current driving restrictions for people with epilpesy discriminatory

  • Conor Kearns - 1st Year Medical Student, RCSI. Joint first place NOTM Mary Ward Essay Prize.
    Adapt or perish: the driving experience in patients with rheumatoid arthritis

  • Aisling O'Byrne and Laith Al Azawi - 3rd Year Medical Students, TCD.
    Inclusion of medical fitness to drive in medical postgraduate training curricula.

  • Dr Margaret Ryan - National Office for Traffic Medicine
    Review of On-Road Driving assessment services in Ireland

  • Dr Margaret Grace - Connolly Hospital, Blancardstown
    An ayalysis of E-Scooter related trauma in Ireland

  • Dr Stephen Klaus - RCSI, TCD, Epilepsy Ireland, Beaumount Hospital
    An early analysis of an ongoing project examing the impact of driving restrictions on patients with epilepsy

Brought to you by the National Office for Traffic Medicine

At the National Office for Traffic Medicine, everything we do is aimed at making driving as safe as possible for all road users.

Our goal is to help doctors and licensing authorities promote safe mobility in Ireland.

Our office was jointly established by RCPI and the Road Safety Authority of Ireland in 2011, bringing the specialty of Traffic Medicine to Ireland for the first time.

We are led by Professor Desmond O’Neill, Consultant Physician in Geriatric and Stroke Medicine, Tallaght Hospital Dublin and Professor of Medical Gerontology at Trinity College Dublin.

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