Paediatric Pocket Tutorials

Paediatric Pocket Tutorials is a free online learning environment for all paediatric trainees, members and fellows of RCPI. Led by Dr John Fitzsimons, endorsed by the Faculty of Paediatrics and created by clinical experts, each section is built by a clinical lead and selected voluntary contributors with support from RCPI.

Over 70 mini-tutorials on cardiology, child protection, children’s cancer,  gastroenterology (with hepatology and nutrition), inclusion health, metabolic medicine, neurology and respiratory medicine are live now. Each section contains key resources and signposting for trainees to support their clinical practice.

Everyone registered with the Faculty of Paediatrics as a Trainee, Member, Fellow or Associate is automatically enrolled annually to the tutorials and can access them at this link.

If you would like to contribute or if you think you should have access to the Paediatric Pocket Tutorials, please let us know at 

“The Paediatric Pocket Tutorials will provide a wonderful learning opportunity for trainees and fellows of the RCPI, giving a good foundational knowledge in the art of paediatrics.

Its potential flexibility is an undeniable benefit, whether used on call or reflected on, in ones own time. Online allows for easier access and general applicability. The initial section launched is in paediatric neurology but further topics will include cardiology/allergy/dermatology/metabolics/neonates/endocrine/child protection/respiratory to mention a few.

This new developed resource will be updated with additional topics on an ongoing basis and should support, improve quality, facilitate further learning and provide valuable understanding of common topics in paediatrics.

A very welcomed initiative.”

Dr Louise Kyne, Dean of the Faculty of Paediatrics

Personal Learning is the most achievable CPD category. You can record 1 CPD credit for every hour of activity.

Here are some everyday examples of Personal Learning:

-Journal or text book reading (online or printed), e.g. Irish Journal of Medical Science, BMJ, Cochrane Library, NEJM, The Lancet etc. as well as study towards an examination such as MRCPI or a Masters

-Preparation for committee meetings, workshops or workgroups

-Informal discussion relating to CPD with a friend or colleague

-Viewing recorded lectures

No evidence is required for this category.

You only need to record five hours of Personal Learning each year, but one of the most common mistakes we see is doctors forgetting to record it.  CLICK HERE to find out more about Personal Learning.

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