Masterclass Familial Hypercholesterolaemia and Other Inherited Dyslipidaemias

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Learn about recent advances in the management of Hypercholesterolaemia

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This Masterclass focuses on Familial Hypercholesterolaemia and other Inherited Dyslipidaemias.

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Hyperlipidaemias are often inherited conditions

While it is well known that atherosclerosis, the main killer in the developed world, is caused by hyperlipidaemia, the focus for years was on environmental (diet and lifestyle) contribution to dyslipidaemia, while overlooking the fact that hyperlipidaemias are often inherited conditions.

We aim to provide basic facts every physician should know about inherited dyslipidaemias, including testing and clinical pathways available in Ireland.

Highlighted speakers at this Masterclass

Dr Ana Rakovac

Dr Ana Rakovac is a Consultant Chemical Pathologist in Tallaght University Hospital and a General (Internal) Medicine Specialist. Dr Rakovac is a graduate of University of Zagreb, Croatia and was awarded an MD from the Royal College of Surgeons in Ireland for work on serum diabetes biomarkers. Her main focus over the last two years as a Royal College of Physicians of Ireland post-CSCST Fellow was case finding of familial hypercholesterolaemia (FH) in Dublin initiated through laboratory data mining and incorporating clinical liaison as well as molecular diagnostics of FH and addition to the, still thin, Irish FH genetic map.

Dr Patricia O'Connor

Dr Patricia O'Connor is a Consultant in Internal Medicine and Clinical Pharmacology and Therapeutics in St James's Hospital.

She is the Director of the St James's Lipid Clinic. She trained in Ireland and in the Cardiovascular Research Institute in University of California San Francisco conducting research into clinical and laboratory aspects of Lipid Metabolism.

What to expect

Registration starts at 5.00pm and the Masterclass starts at 5.30pm sharp.

All healthcare professionals are welcome to attend.

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